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Fan Mail

Fan Mail: AP African American Studies Edition

After piloting the course for two school years, thousands of students and teachers have shared the impact of their experience, in and out of the classroom

Advanced Placement African American Studies has generated a lot of interest—maybe you’ve seen some of the stories! But what can get lost in the hullabaloo is how the students and teachers in the classroom feel about the course. While it won’t be available nationwide until the 2024-25 school year, the class has been piloted in a handful of schools over the last two years. More than 15,000 students have taken it in that time, and more than hundreds of educators have taught it.

So, then, what do they think about AP African American Studies? Here is what only a few students and teachers have said about their AP African American Studies experience. Spoiler alert: it has had an impact.

The first thing about Black history we are taught in schools is about slavery, but that’s not where our history began. It’s not fair that the first thing when you think of Black history is slavery. I’m glad this course can change that narrative.

California student, Year 2 Pilot (2023-24)

There is a lot of interest from the community in having this course offered. It is great to see a large amount of support for the program not only from our community, but also from the admin team here. They love to see the students so engaged and enamored with the content!

Colorado teacher, Year 1 Pilot (2022-23)

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Tulsa Public Schools

“I’m loving what I’m learning from my students. I like that we’re having these discussions and not everything is so structured – just letting loose and having fun and learning," says Shekinah Hall, a AP African American Studies pilot teacher in Tulsa.

I would recommend this course to another student because it shows history through a different lens. We get to learn more about a history that has been ignored.

California student, Year 1 Pilot (2022-23)

I have really appreciated how well designed the class is in terms of curriculum. I have taught three other Advanced Placement classes, and the resources provided for this course have been the best thus far.

Minnesota teacher, Year 2 Pilot (2023-24)

The course was less lecture and note-based than expected and far more source and assignment based, both methods of teaching working very well for the subject.

Tennessee student, Year 1 Pilot (2022-23)

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Two AP African American Studies pilot students in Houston work together on a course assignment.

The average American history class brushes over African American history during February. So, I wanted to take a class that would dive into the history, both before and after the slave trade.

Illinois student, Year 2 Pilot (2023-24)

The class is so unlike any other AP course in the way that it’s inclusive, educational, and welcoming to students of any educational level.

Virginia student, Year 1 Pilot (2022-23)