AP Art of the Week

Spotlight on Artist Caegan Jones

Welcome to The Elective's digital art museum, dedicated to the incredible work of AP Arts students. Each week we highlight a work or series created in one of the AP Arts concentrationsAP 2-D Art and Design, 3-D Art and Design, and AP Drawing (the AP Program also offers Art History and Music Theory)—as well as a statement from the artist (and, occasionally, their teacher).

This week we feature a work done in acrylic and graphite on wood by Caegan Jones from Plano Senior High School in Plano, Texas, which was featured in the 2018-19 AP Studio Art online exhibition.

art in blue, yellow, and red acrylic and graphite on wood depicting a stylized robot-like creature

Here’s Caegan statement on the work:

This was created primarily as a tribute to how game culture has shaped the way some people think, and I’ve learned from both games and my art that there are many ways to achieve the same goal. On a sanded piece of wood, I painted some blocks of primary colors and pieces of grey to start as a simple base to grow from. Then, using pencil I began incorporating the intricate designs and wiring schemes seen. Some pieces are colored with ink, which provided an interesting effect with the way the wood took it. There are hidden references throughout the piece that may not always be understood, however they are found to be still pleasing to find. What I find most rewarding about being an artist and creating in general is that people can interact with your work and leave feeling different than their peer. Everyone finds something that speaks to them, one way or another. Even if they believe they see nothing, they still had to look. I just want people to look.