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Teacher Appreciation Day 2022: Superhero Shout Out Edition

Educators have once again stepped up big time in response to another pandemic school year, and their students have noticed

Two years after covid-19 sent students and teachers into virtual classrooms, schools around the country were (mostly) back to normal—or, whatever passes for normal in 2022. But that didn’t mean teachers got to relax. Learning loss, teaching kids in both IRL class and Zoom, and a nationwide teacher shortage tested educators’ mettle. (Oh, and let’s not forget that, even if the world was ready to be done with the pandemic, the pandemic wasn’t done with us, or schools.) And as they have for the last 24 months—as they always do—America’s teachers, superheroes who live among us, continued rising to the occasion. We’ve certainly noticed, and so have students, especially those enrolled in AP courses.

We've rounded up some of the love teachers have been getting from students (and sometimes parents). It's exactly what we all need in these strange, uncertain times. If you're a student (or a caregiver or even a fellow teacher) who wants to give a shout-out to a great teacher, send us an email or send us a tweet.

Mr. Monsour, even though I never actually had you as a professor, I'd like you thank you for teaching videos of Unit 3, and I am really happy that I learned some few things about Cellular Energetics. You made this year a bit easier for me. I love and appreciate you. :)

New York student, class of 2023

How do I even start? My first semester in your class was tough I was lost a few times. Adjusting to this Zoom thing was hard but overall I ended up liking it. Even if school was virtually, Ms. Maciel, you pour your heart to me and my classmates. Thank you for guiding us this far. I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart.

California student, class of 2021

Mrs. Browett, thank you for pushing me to do my best and encouraging me every step of the way. I truly do not think that I could have done this class without your never ending support and love. I'm forever thankful to have had you as my APUSH teacher through such a strange time/ school year. Again, thank you, you have made such a difference in my academic career and life. 143, former apush cherub.

Connecticut student, class of 2023

Sra. Atehortua, gracias por siempre estar ahí­ para tus estudiantes. Eres la mejor profesora que he tenido.

Colombia student, class of 2021

Ms. Booker, I can’t wait to just absolutely annoy you next year with ap lit <3

Indiana student, class of 2022