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Teacher Appreciation Day: GOATs and Gods Edition

Educators have gone above and beyond during the pandemic, and their students have noticed

Teaching can be a challenge under even the best of circumstances. But in a pandemic, when educating kids means Zoom classes and phone check-ins and balancing students' desire to learn with their need to help their families? The job becomes absolutely heroic—and even more essential. And students have noticed, especially those enrolled in AP classes.

We've rounded up some of the love teachers have been getting from students (and sometimes parents). It's exactly what we all need in these strange, uncertain times. If you're a student (or a parent or even a fellow teacher) who wants to give a shout-out to a great teacher, send us an email or tweet us @CBelective.

AP teachers really know their stuff and have taught me so much, especially my bio teacher Ellen Spika. She is an exceptional teacher and really pushed us all this year. Great preparation for college.

Class of 2021 student, Minnesota

I think Ms. Leslie Schock should win something for being such a wonderful teacher this year.

Class of 2021 student, Illinois

Mrs. Hendrix is GOATified at teaching AP U.S. History!

Class of 2020 student, Florida

Mr. Glasco was impeccable compared to any instructor any of us students have had before. He was able to make the class fun to learn while teaching us more than he needed to. We will always remember the fantastic teacher that was in our AP Human Geo class. (No, our teacher is not dead; however I simply cannot use any other words that amazing to describe him.)

Class of 2022 student, Washington

AP Chem teacher Ms. Galligan is one of the most dedicated teachers I have ever had and she loves teaching.

Class of 2021 student, Iowa


Class of 2020 student, Pennsylvania


Class of 2021 student, Maryland