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Teacher Appreciation Week 2023: Thank you! (Maybe?)

Educators keep stepping up for their students, and their students keep shouting them out

The 2022-23 school year saw most schools find a new rhythm as the covid-19 pandemic (maybe? hopefully?) entered its final stages. But teachers' jobs were as tough as ever. On top of the everyday challenge of preparing their students to be solid, productive members of society, educators are still helping them overcome learning loss while struggling with the overwork and uncertainty that comes from a continuing nationwide teacher shortage and budget struggles. (And that's just scratching the surface of what teachers are dealing with!) But America's teachers have also proven—over and over and over again—that they are IRL superheroes.

We've rounded up some of the love teachers have been getting from students on social media and post-exam surveys. It's exactly what we all need in these strange, uncertain times. And if you can’t get enough, dig into more teacher shout outs from this and previous years.

Mr. Weber—thanks for being a bro 🤝

Florida student, class of 2023

Banger class tbh Ms. Mynster 💯

California student, class of 2023

ur lit mr. clearwater :D

New York student, class of 2024

Thank you for being very considerate and Lenient Ms. Skullerud :)

California student, class of 2024

I just wanted to say thank you, Mr. Hodge. I know I really goofed off in your class, but I for sure left with way more knowledge than when I walked in and with new friends. Thanks for the laughs and lighting tables of fire (that was really fun). I´ll consider maybe being better in AP Biology. No promises though.

Kentucky student, class of 2025