black female teacher, standing at right, points while discussing a lesson in her classroom of seated students

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AP African American Studies—How to Get Involved

Here are six ways to get involved with the course, set to launch for the 2024-25 school year, from helping grow it in schools to professional development opportunities

Advanced Placement African American Studies is a robust and dynamic introduction to the history and experiences of African Americans in the United States within the broader context of the African diaspora.

Through primary sources in history, literature, and the arts, students in the course will develop skills across multiple fields, with an emphasis on developing historical, literary, visual, and data analysis skills. Students will explore diverse topics such as early African societies and the roots of the transatlantic slave trade, the Great Migration and the civil rights movement, and the “Black Is Beautiful” movement of the 1970s.

The course is in its last pilot year and is set to launch nationally for the 2024-25 school year. But in early December, the latest course framework will be released—the perfect time for educators and communities to consider ways to get involved with AP African American Studies.

Here are six opportunities to get you started.

black female teacher, standing at left, gestures while discussing a lesson in her classroom of seated students

Support the growth of the course

The best way to support AP African American Studies is to bring it to your school. But if that’s not possible (yet), you can also work with the AP team on various initiatives to spread the word about the launch of the course. Contact the course team to learn more.

Participate in the annual AP Reading

AP Readings are the largest K–16 educational collaboration in the world. Join your fellow educators to score the free-response portion of AP African American Studies exams. Opportunities exist to score on-site, as well as from your home or office. Click here to get more details and for a direct scan code to the application.

Serve on the AP African American Studies Development Committee

Ensure that the AP African American Studies course and exam meet the expectations of higher education institutions offering the comparable college course. Interested? Questions? Contact Alyssa Aloyo, director of engagement for the course.

black female teacher, standing at right, points while discussing a lesson in her classroom of seated students

Become an AP Item Writer

Contribute to the development and review of both the formative questions AP provides teachers for use in class throughout the year and the summative questions that are used on AP Exams. Interested? Please complete this form.

Become an AP Course Audit Reviewer

AP courses meet the same college-level criteria across high schools by reviewing the syllabi AP teachers submit for course authorization. If you’re interested in helping us review those materials, yep, complete this form.

Become an AP Consultant

Train teachers at annual summer professional learning events on the expectations higher education has for their students and give valuable insights and perspectives. Visit AP Central to apply

More resources and opportunities will become available as we get closer to the nationwide 2024-25 launch of AP African American Studies. Check out (and bookmark!) the course’s website for the latest updates.