a black and white photo of a male worker looking at and touch a roll of paper in a paper mill

Fan Mail

Fan Mail: Grist for the Paper Mill Edition

Students and teachers give the College Board a lot of feedback. You might think we don’t see the notes, the tweets, the memes, but we do. We know you have questions, comments, and complaints—and we have answers (or maybe just responses). And if there’s something you’d like to ask or tell us, email us at [email protected]. (Is that a feedback loop?)

File Under: Reams of Praise

This might sound weird, but the quality of the paper of the AP Exam was nice. My pen wrote quite smoothly on the paper and it was satisfying. (Class of 2020 student, Connecticut)

We put a lot of stock into the quality of our paper. Thanks for noticing. We’ll make sure our paper people get the memo.

File Under: Pent-Up Confusion

Tell us if an erasable pen is a good or bad option. Papers may shift a lot in transport and smudge or erase, or not. Please tell us if there have ever been issues with erasable pen. (Class of 2019 student, Arizona)

Ink from all ink-delivery instruments—ballpoints, gels, fountains, quills—has the potential to smudge. It just depends on how long it takes to dry on the paper, how thick the instrument’s point is, and how heavy the … Wait. Did you say erasable pens? People still use erasable pens?! 

a black and white photo of a male worker looking at and touch a roll of paper in a paper mill

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File Under: No Use Crying Over Spilled Ink

It’s 2019 why are we still handwriting our essays? (Class of 2021, Illinois)

See below. 

File Under: The (Erasable) Pen Is Mightier Than the Screen

I cannot express how much I preferred paper to computer-based testing. There’s no way I could’ve passed my English without handwriting the essays and easily moving between FRQs. (Class of 2019 student, Florida)

See above.

File Under: Pulp Fiction

why do you seem so nice on paper but at the same time run the entire world? (Class of 2019 student, Massachusetts)

We don’t really run the entire world—except when we play Risk.