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Fan Mail

Fan Mail: Jukebox Edition

Students and teachers give the College Board a lot of feedback. You might think we don’t see the notes, the tweets, the memes, but we do. We know you have questions, comments, and complaints—and we have answers (or maybe just responses). And if there’s something you’d like to ask or tell us, email us at [email protected]. (Is that a feedback loop?)

File Under: Knockin’ on Testing’s Door

I suggest that the room/environment for AP testing remain quiet, this includes banging on the walls/door of the testing area. (Class of 2021 student, Florida)

Where did you take your test, a construction site? A haunted house? Testing areas are supposed to be quiet spaces. If yours isn’t, talk to your teacher or test proctor. Or contact us and let us know about your experience. That way we’ll know who to call—a school or the Ghostbusters—to get things fixed.

File Under: We Heard It Through the Grapevine

I really wish the college board website was better organized and easier to access. It is like walking blindly through dark hallways. (AP Biology teacher, Wisconsin)

We couldn’t agree more, and big changes are coming sooner than you think. Watch this space.

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File Under: Everybody’s Talkin’ at Me

I heard what the kids said about you. They’re right. (Class of 2019 student, Texas)

To paraphrase former NBA star Paul Pierce: If they’re not talking about you, you’re not doing something. (But, seriously, what have you heard? Do they like us? Check one: ___YES  ___NO)

File Under: The Bird Is the Word

Ultimately, my expierence with colllege bird has been good and they are extremely organized. I also like how serious college bird takes cheating because it is a problem at my high school. (Class of 2020 student, California)

Cheating is an unbeakable offense, and we work hard to get our ducks in a row.

Our unflappable test security team continues to improve our efforts. To clip cheating’s wings, we have:

-Increased the number of independent staff auditing and monitoring test centers

-Worked out a more secure process for distribution and handling of test material by test administrators

-Produced more test content than ever before

And, of course, we’ve banned any and all carrier pigeons, parrots, parakeets, macaws, and cockatoos from test centers.