AP Art of the Week

Spotlight on Artist Sarah Karagoz

Welcome to The Elective's digital art museum, dedicated to the incredible work of AP Arts students. Each week we highlight a work or series created in one of the AP Arts concentrationsAP 2-D Art and Design, 3-D Art and Design, and AP Drawing (the AP Program also offers Art History and Music Theory)—as well as a statement from the artist (and, occasionally, their teacher).

This week we feature a mixed media work by Sarah Karagoz from Lowndes High School in Valdosta, Georgia, which was featured in the 2018-19 AP Studio Art online exhibition.

an artwork created in various shades and hues of green, with a cartoon girl standing on a heart-shaped seat at the center staring at a one-eyed tentacled bug-like creature while a frog-like creature stands behind her

Here's Sarah's statement on the work:

I, Sarah Karagoz, thank you for the honor of selecting my work, "Eye, Eye, Eye! What am I?!!", as an entry in the AP Studio Art Exhibit this year. The concept for this monochromatic piece is to be a visual representation of self loathing. It was inspired by the struggles I personally dealt with growing up. The illustration shows the perspective of an adorable, little girl staring into her reflection and viewing herself as a grotesque and appalling creature. Green is chosen as the primary color because it helps reflect the feeling of disgust. The specific media I apply into this piece are a collaboration of black ink, green acrylic paint, a small selection of color pencils, and markers. Creating satire of issues real people face is a preference in my artistic perspective. My goals in the nearby future are to be a graphic novelist and cartoonist.