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Teacher Appreciation Day: Everyone Deserves a Trophy Edition

Educators have gone above and beyond during the pandemic, and their students have noticed

Teaching can be a challenge under even the best of circumstances. But in a pandemic, when educating kids means Zoom classes and phone check-ins and balancing students' desire to learn with their need to help their families? The job becomes absolutely heroic—and even more essential. And students have noticed, especially those enrolled in AP classes.

We've rounded up some of the love teachers have been getting from students (and sometimes parents). It's exactly what we all need in these strange, uncertain times. If you're a student (or a parent or even a fellow teacher) who wants to give a shout-out to a great teacher, send us an email or tweet us @CBelective.

My year in AP Biology was very interesting and educational. My teacher Bruce Leventhal pushed all of us to be the best version of ourselves and I credit him for the amazing time I had in class.

Class of 2021, Minnesota

Anne Beaton is the best teacher ever.

Class of 2021, Minnesota

I'd like to give a lot of credit to my AP World History teacher, Mrs. D'Spain, for helping to prepare her students for the exam rather than telling them it was something so big and scary that it would be a miracle to pass. She made sure everyone had plenty of opportunity to improve where they wanted and left the impression that the class was about more than the grade. It was about the experience and developing an appreciation for history.

Class of 2021 student, Texas

The class was great. Mr. Roberts is/was an amazing teacher. I will miss him greatly and not having him next year will make me sad.

Class of 2021 student, Connecticut

There are no words to express how grateful my class is to have had such a phenomenal teacher to help us prepare for the AP test. If there were only more people and teachers like Mr. Talley, education and the world would be a much better place.

Class of 2021 student, California

If possible, maybe give an award out to Ms. Irene Conde, my amazing Spanish teacher. She did a great job and she taught us so well and I am so grateful for her because she pushed us so we could try our best :)! So please reward her if possible.

Class of 2020 student, California


Class of 2020 student, Georgia

I hope I did well and can Mr. Ruegg get a raise. He really deserves it.

Class of 2021 student, California